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A young woman returns to the isolated farmhouse where she was held captive. A story about the the urge to both preserve and destroy family, no matter the cost. A gothic short film. Written and directed by Christian Lybrook. Starring Travis Swartz, Essa O'Shea, Suzanne Owens-Duval, and Dusty Aunan.

The film world premiered at the Columbus International Film Festival, the oldest film festival in the U.S., and has played at a half-dozen other festivals in the U.S. and beyond.


CARBON (2016)

A sheep rancher's carefully constructed life begins to unravel when she discovers strange happenings on her ranch. Written and directed by Christian Lybrook. Starring Jennifer Lafleur and Michael Val. 

The script won the 1 Potato Award for best short film script at the Sun Valley Film Festival, best cinematography at the Brightside Film Festival, and Best Genre Film at the Best Shorts Fest. 



Consumed by the strange and abrupt death of her son, Dr. Alex Embry investigates a mysterious disease that she alone believes will bring about human colony collapse starting with the youngest generation first. Created and written by Gregory Bayne & Christian Lybrook. Directed by Gregory Bayne. Starring Lisa King Hawkes.

The script was selected to participate at IFP's FILM Week in 2014. The produced pilot played at the Tribeca Film Festival and participated in the IFP's ScreenForward Lab in 2015 and at IFP's Film Week in 2016. 

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THE SEED (2013)

When a curious seed arrives in an unmarked envelope, it leads a seed pathologist whose wife has died on a journey to uncover its meaning. Written by Christian Lybrook, Tom Hamilton, and Chris Brock. Directed by Christian Lybrook. 

The film premiered at the Sun Valley Film Festival and went on to play at festivals across the U.S. The score won Best Score at the 2013 Local Sightings Film Festival in Seattle.